Agile was founded in September 2000 in Pontassieve – Florence. Our mission is to provide footwear, leather goods, furniture and clothing markets with innovative products, regarding both materials and processing techniques.

Agile was the first company who introduced digital technology into leather printing world. Agile is able to create own designs or color patterns or, upon request, to create completely customized designs.

Our work has been already acknowledged and appreciated not only in Italy, but also abroad.

Thanks to our very skilled and experienced team and to a constant research for technical improvement, which allows us to be always at “the state of the art”, all processing steps are taking place within the company.

Thanks to the unique patterns that our graphic designers are able to create, AGILE can provide leather, textiles, polyurethanes, PVC printed digitally for footwear, leather goods, clothing and furniture.

We can manufacture products with all kinds of leather (crust, finished leather, means calves opaque or on paint, cross, tassels, rams, crusts, scabs polyurethane), but also fabrics (canvas of various thicknesses, cotton fabrics, satin, nylon, polyester fabrics both synthetic and eco-leather and PVC).





AGILE  ha aderito al progetto


iniziato nel marzo 2015, concluso nel febbraio 2017 e finanziato nel quadro del POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020.
Linea di Finanziamento 3.4.2

Le azioni strategiche del progetto si sono focalizzate nell’utilizzo di uno show room permanente a New York, nell’avere a disposizione personale qualificato, nell’organizzazione di work-shop ed in azioni di comunicazione e pubbliche relazioni.





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Agile ensures maximum quality in its products and keeping their leathers, textiles, polyurethanes and PVC, suitable for the production of shoes, bags, belts, clothing, and contract furnishings.
Agile with its research materials to date, provides its customers with a product that is in line with the trend.